In 1946 a young engineer by the name of Hedley McGEE founded McGEE Cams in Sydney, Australia. 

Hedley McGEE, a pioneer in Australian Motorsports, was able to build a career out of something that began as a hobby. His reputation as a builder of innovative, winning products fuel the spectacular growth of his new company, McGEE Racing Cams. Joined by his sons, Phillip and Christopher, they succeeded in making the McGEE name synonymous with speed and winning.

McGEE Racing Cams first began to achieve an international reputation when visiting teams from the U.S. and Europe discovered the McGEE expertise and took that technology back to their respective countries with them. This was the beginning of success for McGEE Racing Cams at Indianapolis and several World Championships in Europe.

After many years of successful oval track racing, the McGEEs decided to tackle the fast growing world of drag racing. Recognizing the short comings of the existing power plants, the McGEE designed and built their Quad Cam engine. This 500 cubic inch, all aluminum, 4-valve per cylinder, overhead camshaft engine would produce more horsepower and provide greater reliability than other current engines.

The success of this venture prompted the McGEEs to migrate to the United States and establish a plant in Southern California to build the Quad Cam Engines as well as other famous McGEE products.

During their years in Australia the McGEEs were able to explore and develop expertise in many different forms of motorsports. Today, when pioneering new technology, they are able to draw from the vast pools of “Down-Under” knowledge and solve any engineering problems.

Today Phil McGEE and his family operate out of two shops. One in El Dorado Springs, MO and another in nearby Walker, MO. 

Justin Covarubias (39) - After racing and working with Phil for many years, Phil’s stepson Justin, recently finished up a 13 year stint at John Force Racing winning multiple world championships along the way with drivers John Force and Robert Hight. This year, Justin has joined Justin Ashley Racing’s progressive new NHRA Top Fuel Dragster super team. Justin is very hands on and does everything from building engines, superchargers, clutches, etc.

Briar McGEE (30) - Briar works alongside Phil and, together, they are passionate about designing and manufacturing quality products for the racing industry. Their current lineup of fuel injection (electronic and mechanical), are some of the most sought after products on the market. Two dragsters, two midgets, a non-wing 410 and a new winged 410 keep Phil and Briar busy. In addition, Briar has expanded the business into the structural steel industry. McGEE Manufacturing fabricates a variety of metal products such as structural steel, stairs, railing, and other miscellaneous metals. Briar has twin sons: Race Phillip “Pip” McGEE and Cecil Archer “Archie” McGEE. Pip and Archie will be 3 in November and are already obsessed about anything to do with racing.

Luke McGEE (28) - Luke has taken over the cam and engine building duties and soon expanded into another nearby location (Walker). Luke has turned the karting industry upside down with his innovative cam designs and engine building prowess. His engines have won and set fast time at some of kartings biggest events and his camshafts are being used by one of the country’s major midget (speedcar) engine builders. Luke is expecting his first child here pretty soon. Her name will be Lennon Keller McGEE.


Hedley’s Legacy Continues…