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McGEE Racing

Chevy II 6 Cyl Fuel Injection Package

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We recently restored/updated our Chevy II patterns and tooling to bring back a classic. Custom built to order, these packages can be ordered to suit either mechanical or electronic fuel injection. Since these engines were notorious for having the exhausts/intakes coming loose under racing conditions, we’ve incorporated a wedge plate to separate the intake manifold from the exhaust eliminating the need for the exhaust and intake to share bolts.

As always, our clean functional design and first class workmanship ensure that our injectors will give you that performance increase that will help keep you ahead of the field without sacrificing your wallet. 

Each Chevy II injector package comes complete with:

  • Port Matched CNC Optimized Port Runners
  • User Friendly Barrel Valve/Linkage for easy adjustments 
  • Hi-Flow Nozzle Lines/Hoses
  • McGEE Kwik Change Nozzle Assemblies (Nozzles can be cleaned in seconds or even resized by swapping out jet inserts on the fly)
  • Aluminum Ram Tubes
  • Comprehensive Instructions and Setup Documents


*Custom orders typically require a 6-8 week lead time.