MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box
MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box
MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box
MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box
MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box
MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box

MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box

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Very clean MSD Ignition 7230 7AL-3 Ignition Box. Currently set up with the following rev limit chips:

  • Race - 7200 RPM
  • Burnout - 6600 RPM
  • Launch - 4800 RPM
  • RPM Activate Switch - 7000 RPM

All 4 High Speed Timing Retard chips are zeros. $400 OBO

From the Manufacturer

The most complete drag racing ignition available. The 7AL-3 is based off the well proven 7AL-2. It features the same capacitive discharge multiple sparks plus offers 20% more primary voltage and an additional 35% more spark energy. Not only is the 7AL-3 packed with more power but it also features a host of drag racing accessories. A built-in Three Step Rev Control provides three different rpm limits that can be used for the burnout, holeshot and top end. The rpm limits are adjustable with easy to access plug-in modules and will deliver consistent performance on each run.

A Multi-Step Retard features four different modules that can be activated as well as a RPM activated switch that can activate components such as a micro-switch on the shifter or a nitrous solenoid.

Many race engines with crank trigger systems or locked out distributors will benefit from the 7AL-3's built-in start retard option. During cranking the start retard will retard the timing 25° allowing the engine to turn over easier. When the engine starts, the timing will go back to its mechanical setting. One last option is an rpm activated switch. This feature allows you to activate a solenoid or shift light at an adjustable rpm. When the engine hits the desired rpm, the component is activated and whenever the rpm falls below that amount it is deactivated.

The increased output and built-in racing features make the MSD 7AL-3 the best and most complete high performance drag racing ignition available.

The 7AL-3 delivers over 550 volts to the coil with 160mJ of energy in every spark. All of the best drag race features are built-in including a Three Step Rev Limiter, Four Stage Retard, RPM Activated Switch and a Start Retard for high compression, locked timing applications.


  • Delivers over 550 volts to the coil with 160milliJoules for every spark.
  • Built-in easy to adjust Three Step Rev Limiter controls burnout, launch and race rpm.
  • Four stage Multi-Step Retard allows up to 20 degrees at four different times.
  • RPM Activated Switch to activate different circuits plus a 25 degree Start Retard.
  • Triggers with breaker points/ magnetic pickups/ crank triggers/ or electronic amplifiers
  • Not For Sale in California on Pollution Controlled Motor Vehicles


  • Operating Voltage: +12-18 VDC Negative Ground
  • Current Requirements: 6 Amps-6,000 RPM, 12 Amps-12,000 RPM
  • RPM Range: 14,000 RPM with 14.4 Volts
  • Spark Duration: 20° Crankshaft Rotation
  • Energy Output Max: 160 mJ Per Spark
  • Weight and Size: 4.75 lbs, 8"Lx3.75"Wx5.75"H
  • Voltage Output Max: Primary: 550 Volts, Secondary: 55,000 Volts (Pro Power Coil)